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The First Trading Manual is an e-book I wrote for both beginners and people with some trading experience.

I wrote it after a student of mine showed me the notes he had received at a weekend course on trading. It had cost him £3,000. I decided to create an e-book with superior content to the course, and give it away for free. The 180-page manual will take you through a host of topics. After reading this manual you will be in a better position than my friend, who took the £3,000 course.


My free trading eBook


4-day Cycle

Day Trading History


A long time ago, back in the early part of the new millennium, there was a chat room called Avid Trader. I was new to trading, and here was a website where seriously professional traders would share their trading ideas. Names like Tepid2 (RIP), OysterCatcher, Oleman, Colby, G9, ATHBO, MEBOB, and many many others would talk in riddles and explain in great detail what they were trading and sometimes even say why.

There were many stars, or so it seemed to me back then. I assure you that if I was trading then how I am trading now,  I would undoubtedly have been focus of much attention, but back then, the day-trading scene was new. It was – with the benefit of hindsight often a case of the blind leading the blind. Of course there were also serious traders that truly understood the markets and traded well. ATHBO stood out in my mind. I admired him.


I got into a discussion with a guy. Never found out his name but we compared notes on the 4-day cycle. A trader called Skyehigh traded with with Tepid I believe. I post the notes for you in its entirety. I hope you can make use of it. Otherwise email me on hello at “tradertom dot com”.


Here we go:


Documentation from 4-day cycle work