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25 September

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21 August

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05 August

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21 July

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18 July

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16 July

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16 July

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11 July

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10 July

Live Trading & Instructions 9th July 2019

09 July

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Download my free Trading e-book

The First Trading Manual is an e-book I wrote for both beginners and people with some trading experience.

I wrote it after a student of mine showed me the notes he had received at a weekend course on trading. It had cost him £3,000. I decided to create an e-book with superior content to the course, and give it away for free. The 180-page manual will take you through a host of topics. After reading this manual you will be in a better position than my friend, who took the £3,000 course.


My free trading eBook


Live Trading & Instructions 9th July 2019

Day Trading Price Action Psychology


This morning I conducted a live trading workshop with Simon Campbell’s group “Round The Clock Traders.”

In here you will hear me talk about

  1. mindset and losing trades
  2. your philosophy in trading
  3. adding aggressively to winning trades


You will also see me buy the DAX and get stopped out for minus 20, and then reversing short and making 57 points, by adding aggressively to the short side. Simon captured the whole event on film.


If you want to learn from my style of trading and hopefully “earn while you learn”, then consider joining me in Telegram here.

You can view the video here. It seems that Internet Explorer offers a higher resolution than say Chrome.