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The First Trading Manual is an e-book I wrote for both beginners and people with some trading experience.

I wrote it after a student of mine showed me the notes he had received at a weekend course on trading. It had cost him £3,000. I decided to create an e-book with superior content to the course, and give it away for free. The 180-page manual will take you through a host of topics. After reading this manual you will be in a better position than my friend, who took the £3,000 course.


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The Best CFD Broker in the World?



Which is the best CFD broker in the world?

Fellow trader and journalist Peter Thurman performed an extensive piece of research for an article he wanted to write. It turned into a huge project, where he collected data from more than 120 different CFD brokers globally.

The project took place over 12 months, and Peter documented his findings extensively and thoroughly. He uncovered some incredible practices in the industry, and more importantly, discovered some great brokers in the process.

You think he is exaggerating? Take a look at the image below, from a well-known UK CFD broker. Do you want to trade on a 15-point spread in the Dow when there are brokers that offer you the same product for 1-point spread?


It turned out that it wasn’t the big or well known CFD companies that were the best. They had an atrocious record for widening the spread during the volatile trading times. Instead the award went to …..well… you will have to read the report.

You can download his report here in PDF format.


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