The First
Trading Manual

Foundation Course and Strategies


The First Trading Manual is an e-book I wrote for both beginners and people with some trading experience.

I wrote it after a student of mine showed me the notes he had received at a weekend course on trading. It had cost him £3,000. I would not go as far as to say he had wasted all the £3,000, but I would say he wasted around £2,975 of that. Those course notes did not prepare him for trading.

What I found ironic about the course material is that it is run by a guy who also owns a brokerage in the UK. He makes sure all his students sign up for his brokerage as part of taking the course. Under the new ESMA rules, brokers have to disclose how many of their clients are losing money. His brokerage has a 79% loss rate. You would think that after paying £3,000 for a trading course (plus whatever else students are encouraged to spend on “up-sell”), they could do better than 21% winners.

I wrote The First Trading Manual as a guide to people starting out and to people who have been trading for some time. The 177-page manual will take you through a host of topics. After reading this manual you will be in a better position than my student, who took the £3,000 course.

The First Trading Manual

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  • The 24-Hour Trading Cycle
  • Basic Technical Analysis
  • Price Action & Price Behavior
  • Principles of Price Action & Trend
  • Trend Indicators
  • Daily Work Routine
  • Candlestick Charting
  • The Essential 8 Candle Patterns
  • Understanding Chart Time Frames
  • Trade Entry Technique 4 Bar Fractal
  • Divergence Strategies
  • Managing Your Risk
  • Forex Markets & Forex Trading
  • Basic Facts of the Forex Market
  • Practical Forex Trading Terminology
  • Quick Guide to Spread Betting / Trading
  • What makes markets move?
  • Case Stories & New Entry Techniques
  • Trading Psychology