There is big money to be made in trading. It is also easier than ever for private individuals such as yourself to access the financial markets. It is easy to open a trading account. It is easy to fund it too. All you need is a credit/debit card. Now you are ready to trade.

The act of trading is easy too. You press “Buy”, or you press “Sell”, and you can now call yourself a trader. It looks easy. You can make a lot of money with very little effort in trading. You can also lose a lot of money very quickly. Most people end up losing.

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Once you tried your luck in trading, you realise that although everything about trading looks easy, it is anything but easy. Now you may decide to seek out information from people who promise to make you an expert in trading.

They promise you will make money if you buy their course. They will show movies of themselves entering an expensive car, or a private airplane, or perhaps a helicopter or an expensive looking home. You will see their expensive watch, and perhaps you will see a stunningly beautiful woman by their side.

It is easy to be drawn towards people who project the very things you seek yourself. You seek inner peace? You will seek out a meditation coach. You want to learn to play chess? You seek out a chess player.

The problem with the educational aspect of the trading industry is that virtually ALL mentors are self-proclaimed experts? Everybody can set themselves up as a “trading expert.” There are no exams to take, no credentials to acquire.



How am I different? Well, I am not different from a cursory look. I may have studied two university degrees in Economics and Finance, but that doesn’t make me qualified to trade. The only true test of your ability to trade is ….well to trade.

And that is what I do. I trade my own account every single day. I post what I do in my Telegram channel. Tens of thousands of followers can view for themselves that I am able to do as a trader. My entries and exits are all posted in real-time. It is time-stamped by Telegram. That means you can go back over the posts in the channel, and you can see that the price I executed the trades at really did trade at that price at that point in time.

My track record in Telegram is consistent. I have the odd really big winning or losing day, but otherwise I am fairly consistent in my returns. I am on paper qualified to teach people how to trade.

The reason I have decided not to run workshops and trading courses at this point in my life is because of the following reasons:


I find it incredibly intense to trade every day. Trading is not a “lifestyle” hobby for me, anymore that tennis is a lifestyle for say Roger Federer. It is my job. It is an intense job, and to do it well requires a significant portion of concentration.

Running an educational training company would take me away from what I love to do. I love trading. That is not to say I don’t enjoy teaching as well, because I do. I just love trading more.


I feel that by doing what I do in my Telegram channel, I am in effect teaching people much more efficiently than any training company can ever do. Training companies will virtually always show historical charts and historical trades. They always show successful trades as opposed to showing losing trades as well.


Anyone who takes the time to go through my Telegram channel will find a wealth of trade setups, which will greatly assist them in their trading development. I put my money where my mouth is. I do what people aspire to do every day. I argue that I would rather learn from someone doing what I want to do – whilst they are doing it – rather than being taught in a classroom, using “after the fact” charts.


I also feel that the “Resource” section of my website and my YouTube channel have an enormous wealth of knowledge. I am not hiding anything. I have no secrets.

The reason I have decided not to run workshops and trading courses at this point in my life is because of the following reasons:

That last sentence is the reason why I am unable to run a successful training company. I have no secrets left. All my tricks of the trade are shown in my Telegram channels.

If you want to hire me for personal guidance on your trading journey, you are welcome to email me, and we can have a discussion about your needs. You do however need to know 3 things. I am not looking for business. I have enough on my plate. I am not entertaining “tire kickers” who just wants to find out what they can learn from me.



If you contact me regarding personal mentoring, you have to be serious. Finally, I will tell you up front, before you contact me, that I do not come cheap.

If you are looking for free trading education, then join my Telegram channels, and search through all the resources I have posted in Telegram and on my TraderTom website.

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