“Let not thy heart be troubled, let it not be afraid – so long as ye are conscious of thy effort.”


Live Trading

TraderTom runs two live trading channels. You are welcome to be part of both. There is no cost to either of them. Both of them are 100% free of charge.

Day Trading Channel: Live day trading all day – very active channel with time sensitive live calls.

Swing Trading Channel: Live swing trading – 3-5 trades a week – ideal for people who have other jobs.

Get Access to Signals

Day Trading Channel

The Day Trading Channel posts “time-sensitive” trades. That means that when I post my trades, you can expect the market to move in my favour (or against me) immediately.

Therefore, the Day Trading Channel is no use to you if you are working and you are unable to follow my posts on your PC or your mobile phone. You are still welcome to join and learn from the trade setups.


Swing Trading Channel

From the feedback I received, it became clear that there was a need for trading signals that had a longer time horizon. I wanted to separate the active time-sensitive day-trades from the less time-sensitive swing trades.

The important thing about the “Swing Trading” Channel is that there isn’t more than 3-5 signals a week, and that the trades are held for longer periods of time.

Become a Member

The first thing you need to do is to download the App called Telegram. It is a free app. It is just like WhatsApp, but it is actually a much better messaging app, in my opinion at least. It has 400 million users, so you are in good company.

Once you have downloaded this App, you need to follow the steps below, depending on which channel you want to belong to. You can be a member of both groups.

TraderTom Live
Day Trading Channel

This is a private channel – an invitation-only group. To get an invitation, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on the search function of Telegram and type in exactly the words you see in the next step.
  • @tomhougaard
  • Send me the following message: “Sign up to TraderTom signals”.
  • You will receive a link back from me.
  • Click on the link. Now you will start receiving alerts.
  • You can leave whenever you want. Simply click on “leave channel”.

This is what the Telegram search page looks like, and what you must type to search for me.

TraderTom Live

Swing Trading Channel

It is very easy to become a member of the TraderTom Live Swing Trading Channel. All you have to do is to click on the button below.

Click here

Once you click on this link, you are a member of the group. You will begin to receive my regular swing trading alerts straight to your phone. Make sure you do not “mute” my channel. Otherwise you may not hear when an alert is sent to you.

Risk Disclaimer

It is very important you read this short message. I call them the 10 commandments of the TraderTom Live Trading Channels. When you sign up to the TraderTom Live Day Trading Channel and/or the TraderTom Live Swing Trading Channel, you accept the following terms and conditions:

  • You are here entirely at your own responsibility.
  • Neither Tom Hougaard or anyone related to his business or brand is responsible for your trades and your actions.
  • If you decide to follow the trades posted in either of the two TraderTom channels, you do so at your own discretion. The trades are yours. The outcome of the trades is entirely your responsibility. The profits are yours. So are the losses.
  • You will at no point hold Tom Hougaard or his associates accountable for the outcome of the trades posted in any of the Telegram channels.
  • Understand and respect that trading is not a “get rich quick” scheme. If you think that Tom Hougaard will make you rich, please leave.
  • If you think that Tom Hougaard will show you the real world of trading, and you will learn from it, and you may even profit from it, then please stay.
  • If you send rude or threatening or abusive messages privately to Tom Hougaard, you will be banned from the channels.
  • Please trade maturely and responsibly.
  • Never EVER trade without a stop loss!
  • Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

History of the TraderTom
Telegram Channel

In 2017 I started a small WhatsApp group. In the group were students from my 1-day course. They wanted me to show them in live trading conditions how I applied the techniques I had taught them. The group grew from a handful of people to about 75 people. It was an instant success – and very profitable in terms of trade calls.

I didn’t charge for it. I felt that they had already invested in my course, and as I was trading the setups anyway, why not show the students how I did it. WhatsApp wasn’t a great App for this purpose. There was no privacy. If you were a member of the group, everyone could see your name, and your mobile phone number. So, in January 2018 I changed to a new App called Telegram.

In July 2018 I announced that I would from this point onwards communicate my trades in English only. Up until that point in time I had made all my trade calls in Danish.

I have no plans of charging for my trading channels. You see, once you start charging for a service, people will have expectations, naturally. However, expectations and trading do not go hand in hand. You have to trade when the signals are there, rather than trading because the clients want signals. Let the trades come to you, I say. Since July 2018 I have made live calls in indices and currencies. My track record is based on all the trades I have posted, which is for everyone to see. The posts are public record. As of the 23rd June 2020 I have generated 34,393 points. You can download the track record here.

There is an ENORMOUS disconnect between what you read in books about trading, and what you experience yourself. While I do not pretend to be a perfect trader, I do have a track record which reflects the dedication to my job.

I think you will agree with me when I say that trading always looks easy after the fact. It always looks easy when you are studying the charts when the day is over. It always looks easy when you read about it in a book or in course notes. When you attend seminars and courses, the course instructor always makes it appear as if trading is the easiest thing in the world. Well, it really is not. We are all perfect traders “after-the-fact”, but to do it in real-time is a huge challenge.

I started the Telegram Channel because I wanted to lead my students to a profitable trading career. I wanted to be the instructor that held their hands as they traded. I did not want to just do a workshop and then wave them goodbye at the end of the day and wish them good luck.

What you will see in my Telegram Channel is the real thing. I will have incredibly profitable days where I am making a lot of money. Then there will be days where I simply can’t make things work.

Maybe I am not seeing the market clearly that day, or I am fighting the trend. Whatever it may be, it reflects what every other trader goes through on occasions.

I am not trying to portray perfection. I am portraying how it really works for every trader in the world. That is what you can expect from my Telegram Channels.

Contact me

You are more than welcome to submit a question to me. I will endeavour to answer within a few days.