Broker Report

In this CFD Broker Report, I examine factors that can have a profound impact on CFD traders accounts – and their wallets. I examine the cost of executing trades in some of the most popular products amongst retail traders: Stock indices, currencies as well as some commodities. Additionally, I look at the fees that CFD companies charge their clients.

UPDATE 8th July 2021: file is being edited on request of offended broker – tune in shortly…….

The CFD Broker Review started as a discussion between a few friends of mine, who all share an interest in trading the financial markets.

We started discussing which CFD broker was the best. Obviously, there is no correct answer to this question.

Some prefer one broker while some prefer another. Some like MT4 and MT5 platforms, and some like Cloud platforms. So, we asked another question. Which broker is the best – on the matters that are substantiated by facts? In this report, I seek to answer this question.

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