Facebook Scams


My success as a trader has inspired scammers to imitate me. They establish Facebook profiles with my name (Tom Hougaard or TraderTom), and they use my photos to create an authentic-looking channel.

The difference between me and the scammers is that I am not managing money. I am not asking people for money. I am not managing accounts. It is very important you understand that. I do not offer “follow me” accounts or “copycat” accounts. 

Below you will see various Facebook pages, but notice how all of them are “Binary Option”. I do NOT trade binary options.
See Examples Below

Example of a fake Facebook profile:

This one is sinister. Here the scammer on Facebook has contacted
a friend of mine and notice how the handle is almost correct but has
spelled “v” instead of “u” in my surname.

Example of a fake Facebook profiles: