The IDEAL Trading Mindset

I think the obvious question to ask would be, “what is the ideal trading mindset”. I am sure you have an idea of what the ideal trading mindset would be.

Perhaps you are thinking that the ideal trading mindset is one that is not scared. It is a mindset that knows everything there is to know about the markets, about technical analysis, about algorithms, about artificial intelligence, and the list goes on.

I can only speak for myself what the ideal trading mindset is. I have some experience that makes me well suited to discuss what the ideal mindset is, or perhaps better said, I have an idea of what is NOT the ideal mindset.

In the talk I gave in late 2022 in Amsterdam I dive into the world of emotions, hormones and how they affect our decision making.

The filming and the audio are not the greatest quality, but I hope it is passable. Here is the link to the YouTube video: