Telegram Live Track Record

Updated 22nd of November 2021

I am currently in the process of auditing the entire history of my Telegram public trade calls, dating back to July 2018.

I have posted the Excel spreadsheets for the last 7 months, including the data as of today.

I run two Telegram channels. The Day Trading Channel from April until today has made £466,427.

The Swing Trading Channel has made £94,200.

The point count broken down into instruments are as follows:

FTSE POINTS = plus 729 points*

DAX POINTS = plus 1,369.3 points*

DOW POINTS = plus 2,632.30 points*

NASDAQ POINTS = minus 301.2 points*

FX POINTS = 1,185 points

* this is raw point count. It is not adjusted for what size. For example, in July I made 170 raw DAX points, but when converted into 100% stake size, I lost minus 19.25. Therefore the overall point count matters less than what I make on each trade.

If you spot a mistake, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Updates will be done monthly on TraderTom website. For a daily update, please consult the Telegram channels.