It is one thing to idolize heroes. It is quite another to visualize yourself in their place. When I saw great people, I said to myself: “I can be there.”

(Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Telegram Live Track Record

Publicly available spreadsheet with my trading results.
It is updated daily – or close to daily. All trade posts are publicly available.
If you spot a mistake, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The TraderTom Telegram channel saw the light of day on the 24th January 2018. 

There had been a WhatsApp forum before that. 

Initially it was purely for Danish speaking traders. I had run some 1-day and 2-day workshops in Denmark, and my students wanted to see me trade live. Hence, I created the WhatsApp group. 

In the beginning there was only a handful of people in the group. As it began to grow, the privacy flaw in WhatsApp became an issue. Everybody in the group could see everybody else’s mobile phone numbers. This was a concern to some of the members. I closed the WhatsApp group, and I opened the Telegram channel.