Twitter Scams

My success as a trader has inspired scammers to imitate me. They establish Twitter handles with my name (Tom Hougaard or TraderTom), and they use my photos to create an authentic-looking channel.

The difference between me and the scammers is that I am not managing money. I am not asking people for money. I am not managing accounts. It is very important you understand that. I do not offer “follow me” accounts or “copycat” accounts.

The scammers will use my name and my image to portray themselves as me, and they will offer you investment schemes. These investment schemes will take various forms, but they always have one common denominator.

If you want to see how the scammers are trying to outsmart me and you, then read the information below.

See Example Below

Twitter Scam Example:

TWITTER scammer – notice the really clever use of a different spelling of “Hougaard”…..