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Tom Hougaard sends out his trades to your mobile phone in real-time. He trades Stock indices like Dow, DAX and FTSE, as well as currencies and commodities.

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Telegram is a free App similar to WhatsApp and Viber but it’s far more private. My channel is 100% anonymous. No one can see you, your name or mobile phone number in the group, except me.

I previously used to send signals out via WhatsApp, but I realised that every member of the group could see the mobile phone numbers of all the other members. Therefore, I stopped using WhatsApp.

Another reason I have chosen Telegram is that this is a “channel”, meaning that only I can post messages and it ensures you will not be disturbed by other members and their questions.

The Trading Signals

Why am I sharing this information?


I am a professional trader, which means I treat trading as my job. By watching my trades, you will get a good idea of how a professional trader behaves, and I hope you will profit from it too. As I also teach people how to trade through my courses, I feel that it is my obligation to show my students in a live trading environment. After all, if I can’t make a living from trading, I should not be teaching it either.


One of the best ways to enforce discipline is to imagine you are trading in a room full of traders and everyone can see your position, and your P&L. I post my trades to you so you can benefit from my expertise and I benefit from keeping myself focused by knowing that you are probably trusting me and you are risking your money as a result of it.

No Cost To You

I have posted trades since 2010. For 5 years it was through, then I did it on WhatsApp. As the word of the group spread, it became clear that it was not the way forward. Hence, I moved to Telegram. Will it ever be a service I want to charge for? Maybe, I have no immediate plans to do so.

Money Management

I distinguish between 4 kinds of trade sizes. All my results get “translated” into 100% trades. For example, if I have made 40 points on a “50%” trade, then my result will reflect it as being 20 points, and not 40 points.

If you hover over the circles below you will see the definition of each trade size.


A normal trade with a sensible stop loss.


A normal trade but one that requires a bigger stop loss than usual.


A speculative trade and with a big stop loss.


A rare trade, and almost always a swing trade with a huge stop loss – usually in a quarterly contract.

Trade Instructions


I post an announcement:


I post changes to the trade, such as moving stop loss or taking profits.


I post the instrument and the direction, and the price I just traded at. I also post the stop loss.


If time permits, and it almost always does, I post the reason why I am taking the trade, as well as a chart explaining the trade.

Other Posts

I used to post a lot of market observations during the day, but I realised that if it was me on the other end of the phone, and I was swamped with messages from TraderTom all day, I would probably turn off the phone.

I decided to only post my trades, and every now and then will post any market observations that I found relevant. I also post a message in the morning to say I have started watching the markets. I tend to sign off at night with a message to say I am done for the day, and a brief review of the trading day.

Terms & Conditions

When you ask for access to Telegram, you accept that you will not hold me responsible for anything I post. These trades are my trades. What you do with this information is your decision and your responsibility.

By signing up to my Telegram group you accept these simple terms and conditions. It is your trade, your account, your profits and losses, and everything you do is 100% your own responsibility.

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How To Sign Up

In order to start receiving my signals, you will need to submit your email address. Once your email address has been registered, you will quickly receive an email which contains all the necessary steps to join my Telegram Channel. I look forward to seeing you there!


Your name and mobile phone number will only be stored on my mobile phone. I have no use for either, and I only collect your name and mobile phone number, so I can communicate with you on Telegram and address you by name. You can leave the group whenever you wish.


Telegram is a free App similar to WhatsApp and Viber but it’s far more private. My channel is 100% anonymous. No one can see you, your name or mobile phone number in the group, except me.